How it Works

Every Business Needs Funding.

That’s a pretty simple fact. 

But not every business can get funding as fast as they need it.

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That’s where InstaFunders comes in.

We partner with large and small business across the United States to provide fast, efficient, and easy capital infusions for whatever you may need. Get a little behind on payroll. InstaFund it! Need to up your inventory? InstaFund it! Short-term expenses got you down? Insta— you get the idea.

Step - 1

You sell us a percentage of your future sales. We send you the funds now based on an agreed repayment percentage. You know your hard stop number ahead of time.

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Step - 2

Send us your documents to review. Simple stuff, like two months of cash flow and sales numbers. Our internal team takes a look and works to make our answer a “yes.”

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Step - 3

BOOM! You get paid! In as little as 24 hours, your funds will appear in your account. InstaFunders will purchase anything over $10,000 of your future receivables.

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Funding Programs

Based off business credit and past and future sales, InstaFunders has developed customized programs that are catered to fit almost any business need.

  • $25K+ Monthly Revenue
  • FICO 450-550
  • 6+ Months in Business

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  • $100K+ Monthly Revenue
  • FICO 650+
  • 24+ Months in Business

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  • $50K+ Monthly Revenue
  • FICO 550-650
  • 12+ Months in Business

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